Didi (1959)

The details are provided by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh

DIDI- 1959 was a Sadashiv Chitra film, produced by Sadashiv J.Row kavi,  who had also given us the famous tear jerker “Bhabhi ki chudiyan” in 1961 later. (This was a remake of an iconic Marathi Movie “Vahininchya Bangadya”. A famous Telugu version also was made in the name of “Vadina Gajulu”).  The director was K.Narayan Kale, who was once with Shantaram’s Prabhat film co.  The music director were N.Dutta AND Sudha Malhotra. When N.Dutta fell sick during the film’s making, Sudha Malhotra came forward to help him and she created the famous, popular and landmark song,”Tum mujhe bhul bhi jao to yeh haq hai tum ko” sung by Sudha Malhotra and Mukesh.

DIDI was a story of brother-sister love, but NOT in a tear-tear way but in a very hilarious way. The main roles were done by Sunil Dutt and Shubha Khote(a perinnial sister of the Indian screen). This was also one of the rare films in which the Parsi sisters Honey and Daisy Irani were acting together and both were as boys. Gopal(SD) is an upright, straight forward, disciplined simple man working in a school. His sister Kamla(Shubha K.) married to Vinod, having two darling sons, Jay and Vijay, loves the bro very much. She decides that Gopal must get married and selects Radha(Jayashree), who falls in Gopal’s love the minute she sees him.

Unfortunately, Gopal is passing through a crisis.  A friend for whom Gopal had stood as a guaranter for a loan disappears. Gopal has disputes with his bosses in school on issues involving his principles and he resigns the job. Under such circumstances ,the thought of marriage was a no-no for him. However,except him, his entire family wants him to get married to Radha, despite all the situation. Jay Vijay, Vinod, Kamla and Radha, have a plan which they execute, at the same time the run-away friend returns and the school bosses relent and call Gopal back to the school “ba-izzat”. Needless to say that when all this happens, the marriage also happens happily for the DIDI.


5 thoughts on “Didi (1959)”

  1. mr arunkumar’s plot narration is misleading as the roles of bhai and bahen were played by sunil datt and jayshri who was wife of great producer director shri v shantaram and mother of rajshri xxx no doubt shubha khotr played her role very sincerely but she was just a second heroine. i recall this correctly and can be verifief frim the SEPL website

  2. Yes. Jayshree has played a role of DIDI of Sunil Datt (Gopal )and fShubha Khote is a fiancee of Sunil Datt in this film. Mr. Arunkumar’s narration has changed the entire substance of the beautiful song “Tum Muze Bhool bhi jao”. As per the said narration this song is filmed on brother and sister which appears absurd.

  3. Mr. Arunkumar Deshmukh provided wrong details ( may be by mistake) about the 1959 film DIDI’s actors role. Jayashree did the role of Sunil Dutt’s sister Kamala and Shubha Khote played the role of his lady love Radha. Please correct it .

  4. Beautiful acting direction and characters are of high level, polite talks, discussions with respect, talks about ethics integrity. High standards movie

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